Soggy Daisies & Magic Birds at Wanderlinger

Wanderlinger Brewing Company, 1208 King Street, Chattanooga, TN

We are excited to be making our debut performance at Wanderliner, and what better way to do that but with our buddy TJ Greever and his newest project Soggy Daisies! You may know TJ as the frontman from other popular Chattanooga bands like Up With the Joneses, Glowing Bordis, The Communicators, TJG & The 423s, among a few others we are probably forgetting. TJ is a main fixture in the local Chattanooga music scene and the guys from Magic Birds have been friends with him for a while. However, we have never shared the stage with him...until now. Soggy Daisies is his latest venture and brings more of an Americana approach than most of his past rock-n-roll outfits. Also, did we mention Wanderlinger mkaes great beer and is doing a fantastic job of giving bands another great place to play in our city. Magic Birds will get the night started at 9am, so come have some fun with us!